About Us

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make a functional diaper bag...or does it?

2 Red Hens Studio founder and designer, Lori Holliday, not only personally designs each collection of functional and fabulous bags & accessories, but is also a former ROCKET SCIENTIST! Lori’s passion for science and precision is what makes the 2 Red Hens Studio Collection so uniquely functional, sleek and high quality. Every detail is analyzed and perfected, resulting in a bag that moms have come to rely on. From convertible stroller straps for easy travel to removable organizers, each bag has truly unique features that solve some of life’s problems. Just ask Lori, herself:

Lori is very close to her family - as seen in this photo with her and her husband and children

" Having kids has been my biggest test lab. Besides making things pretty, I try to develop products that helps make life a teeny bit easier, so Mom can focus on more important things- like spending time with Baby."

The 2 Red Hens Studio Collection is not only versatile, but beautiful and eclectic. The vintage-inspired designs, vibrant patterns and sophisticated styles make a bold statement sure to please the most fashionable of moms.

At 2 Red Hens Studio, we know moms shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for functionality...

 ...and that doesn’t take a rocket scientist! 

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2 Red Hens offers beautiful things for Mom and Baby – from beautiful diaper bags to innovative products that solve some problems, like the Toy Nanny and Bibby Mat. We try to develop product that helps make life a teeny bit easier, so Mom can focus on more important things – like spending time with Baby.