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    Clean Up that Messy Playroom with the Toy Nanny tote! August 05 2013, 0 Comments

    Looking for a fun, easy way to clean up that messy playroom? Our unique Toy Nanny tote will do the trick! With 8 mesh pocket is perfect for organizing legos, balls, baby toys, dolls and much, much more! Check out our Summer Special to purchase your Toy Nanny tote today.


    Perfect for 'On the Go' Moms July 23 2013, 0 Comments

    "Whether we are at the park or visiting a friend’s house, the toy nanny is so useful! I don’t have to worry about her spitting up on someone’s carpet and it is always stocked with a clean burp rag and toys. If we visit someone’s house where they have pets, the toy nanny provides a nice clean surface so I don’t have to worry about pet hair getting all over baby girl.” Check out this great review and giveaway! Check out this great review and giveaway! http://thechildrensnook.com/2013/07/18/2-red-hens-never-leave-home-without-them-plus-a-toy-nanny-giveaway/http://thechildrensnook.com/2013/07/18/2-red-hens-never-leave-home-without-them-plus-a-toy-nanny-giveaway/

    A Day in the Park with the Toy Nanny June 14 2013, 0 Comments

    We’ve all been there! One minute you’re spending a sunny afternoon in the park with the kids, and the next thing you know the sky is one giant, gray rain cloud!  When you’ve only got a few moments to gather the kids and all their toys before the downpour, every second counts!

    Fortunately for moms who use the 2 Red Hens Studio Toy Nanny tote ($50), pulling off a quick exit is a cinch- literally! This soft, cozy play mat quickly transforms into a toy tote bag with just a simple cinch of the straps!


    ·      36” circumference with 8 mesh pockets for storing small toys

    ·      Soft, velour interior play mat with water resistant backing- no need to worry about spills!

    ·      Machine Washable

    ·      Available in 5 vintage-inspired patterns- See them all here 

    Here’s what some moms had to say about their Toy Nanny tote:

    “These pockets are wonderful for things like building blocks or Legos, play phones, action figures, and so much more. The pockets really help to keep toys organized and neat.”      

             - Newlycrunchymamaof3.com

    “It is such a great product for any parent. I would keep mine in the car stocked with toys and a few diapers for easy use during impromptu (or planned) play dates and trips to Grandpas. “

                    - themommydialogues.com

    “Something else I like about The Toy Nanny is that it is machine washable and water resistant. Spills don’t soak through and clean up is super easy."

             - onesmileymonkey.com

    Whether you’re heading out to the park, a play date or just the backyard, the Toy Nanny tote takes the hassle out of transporting toys and lets you focus on having fun with your kids! Browse the entire collection here.